Miley Cyrus: Party Life?

Is Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus getting too much thrown at her way too fast? The Britney Spears and Vanessa Hudgens like fears are creeping in and no one wants that for the fifteen year old Disney star that has had enough photos scandals in the past few months. In Touch Weekly examines if she is growing up too fast.
Then have this item, "By day, she's a role model for girls, but by night, Miley Cyrus has become one of the newest – and most surprising – young beauties on the Hollywood club scene. At LA’s trendy Boulevard3 nightclub in February the 15-year-old was “having a little too much fun,” a witness relates, adding, "She wasn’t drinking alcohol but she was rocking out.""


Now it should be noted that wholesome Miley is a far cry from LA’s hardest partying starlets, her frequent late nights out are troubling. “Miley is way too young to be in these clubs,” says one friend. “She’s not out of control yet, but she could be on a fast-track to destruction unless she avoids this scene.”

Is Miley too young to be going to clubs? Are the fears that she may be another in the long line of child stars headed for trouble warranted? Certainly time will tell but it does seem like her pop Billy Ray Cyrus does a pretty good job of keeping a handle on the mega star and that can't be easy.

Quelle: NationalLedger.com


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Melanie / Website (1.3.08 20:18)
Warum auch nicht? Solange sie sich noch auf ihre Arbeit konzentriert und nicht vom rechten Weg abkommt, darf sie doch auch mal feiern gehen. Mich wundert eher, dass man sie überhaupt reingelassen hat. Mit 15 darf man doch eigentlich gar nicht in einen Club, oder?^^
Übrigens: Je öfter ich jetzt deine Seite schon besucht habe, desto besser finde ich sie! Ich habe wirklich angefangen das Layout zu lieben! *knuff*
Schreib schnell an deiner FF weiter!

LG Mel / Jarna

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